Science Suggests You Should Never Take a Bath Again

Dr. Casey Carlos, assistant professor of medicine in the division of dermatology at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine suggests that showering too much isn’t good for you. Carlos explains that it’s quite difficult to get people to use soap only when they need to do so.

Skin care science is simple; soaps remove oils from the skin. In turn, your skin becomes dry and gets a rough texture. Carlos also suggests people should use soap only in particular places such as the groin, armpits, and feet. Furthermore, you should skip using soap on chest, back, legs, and arms. Why? It’s because our skin has the amazing ability to clean itself.

Scientific explanation
Most health and lifestyle outlets today don’t rely too much on scientific explanations that support their claims. Luckily, below you can see why frequent showers aren’t such a great habit:

The top layer of your skin is composed of dead skin cells that protect underlying skin layers
The top layer is held together by fats or lipids that are responsible for moisture
Whenever you shower and scrub, you’re breaking this layer apart
The more showers you take, the more damage occurs in top layer
Due to frequent showers, your skin has less time to repair and recover through natural oil production
It prevents “good” bacteria from growing on your skin. This good bacteria is beneficial for protecting your skin and your body from infections
It’s bad for your hair too. Negative consequences include dry, dull hair that is prone to dandruff. In some cases, hair can become greasy as scalp tries to overcompensate for dryness
Supplementary benefits
You’ll save time
You’ll use less hot water
You’ll save money on shower gels, lotions, etc.
How to look great even when you don’t shower every day
We are used to the idea of showering every day, and we sometimes don’t even notice it’s not good for us. However, it’s possible not to shower on the daily basis and still look amazing. Below, you can see some style and beauty tips that you’ll find beneficial:

Remove makeup before bedtime – this will prevent clogged pores, and you’ll wake up feeling fresh
Put on a new pair of underwear each morning
Take a wet washcloth and wipe groin region, armpits, etc.
Use skin brightening creams to restore healthy glow
Use a deodorant that doesn’t leave white streaks. Also, go for the product that doesn’t have a distinctive smell.
Wear clothes made of natural fabrics, particularly during summer. Polyester and sweat are never a great combination, even when you do shower every day.
Shave armpits regularly
Use dry shampoo – if you don’t have a dry shampoo, you can use baby powder. This way, your hair will look clean and smooth and smell great
Style your hair
Don’t overdo it with moisturizer
Use apple cider vinegar to naturally deodorize your armpits
Use panty liners.
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