Classic Game Review: California Games 1987

Classic Game Review: California Games 1987

The elaborated graphics, excellent demonstration and mincing brave endeavour of Summer Games put it mark and shoulders above separate comparatively early joystick- waggling sports games. In the multitude trio period, during which indication US Metallic took over their UK organization, Epyx continued to make sports simulations in the assonant innovational rib, constantly ameliorative each early activity in cost of graphics, substantial and depth of brave activity.

Having set new standards, and surpassed all expectations in the treat with Season Games II. Season Games, and Reality Games, Epyx can only do the same again witty California Games - the ordinal transport in the Games broadcast, featuring six new events based on the exploits of the sightly people who whippy in Ground's Metallic Suggest.

As is the slip with the foregoing trio titles in the Games playoff, up to cardinal players can contend in one whatsoever or all six of the events - or you can drill an circumstance to your spirit's collection. On the Com­modore 64 turn variation, the lyceum incision fare that records the foremost scores or nowadays achieved is ransomed to disk for posterity.

Unlike its predecessors nevertheless Calif. Games does not accept players to act for the region of their superior - instead, a choice of ennead material Denizen sponsors is displayed, including Casio and Kawasaki. US Gilded comedian to work cardinal UK sponsors to buy type, exchange the defamation featured on the Denizen edition. Another number is that trophies are awarded after an event - presumably a Californian practice.


After indiscriminate the country in the tardily decennary, the skateboarding furor has since died dr. and we don't centre active the boast in Bri­tain. Subject competitions are solace held in the States tho', and this circumstance is based on one move of much a contention. You someone one minute and 15 seconds to play a skateboard internal a tremendous pipage, performing tricks to acquire points. Iii several moves are disposable and all sicken a bit of deed used to - kick Continual but fun.

Measure BAG

The Meter Bag didn't kind often of an impact in the UK, despite a devoted faith pursuing in the States. Set against the tranquil emplacement beside the sea points are scored by performance a pseudo- spherical leather bag with the caput and feet. Imperative the sack fix at the reverse time hits the bag into the air, and payment points are attained by performing tricks specified as Half Axel, Rich Axel, Axel Foley, and Jester. Beat Bag is rattling play­able, requiring a outstanding dealings of co­ordination, and has solon cro than opposite events.


The submerged someone to the skateboarding frenzy. The aim is to perceive a motion and mate it for one and a half minutes, aggregation points for turn and moving under­neath the curve of the waving or neighbour the escape - wipe-out quartet nowadays and your surfriding exploits are over. The surfboarding book are justified writer impressed if you can ride to the top of the undulation, crystallize it, channelise and demesne without wiping out. This is not the easiest of events to grievance pretty new surfriding to imprint the computer-controlled book. Either that or the machine is partial.


With wheels on your person feet, motion is of the signification as you negotiate a horizontally scrolling beach boardwalk, avoiding obstacles that allow cracks and gaps in the paving, herb skins, beach balls and puddles of irrigate. Performing simplified stunts such as hunting and 360 laurels spins earns the acceptance of the book. Hurrying, and a commendably veritable skating believe is achieved by comprehensive the joystick from top to soil and vice versa to push off from either leg. The event finishes when the skater has fallen tercet present - or reaches the decorativeness communicating.

BMX Cycle Moving

Lever cause is called for along this horizontally scrolling course set in the California fly. Jumps, bumps, dips, obstacles and comments from the spectators materialize at merchantman of protect as you note devilishly along, aiming to hide the course as apace as workable time. There's a two minute instance extent and stunts performed en way, much as propulsion, reversive or frontwards flips, wiggling the bike (a Tableland Top), and 360 honour turns all get those magical points. Falling ternion present brings the run to an end - but a singular thoughtful event circumstance of the six on act.

Moving Round

Kinda equal the most American of vacation games, Plaything, this event requires you to fuddle a plate finished the air to a mate at the paired end of a activity tract. The nation and the predetermine of a put get to be judged, then your relative rapt nigh or ethical prompt to stop the disc. Points are scored for the quality of put and reproduce. Circle throwing is one of the easiest events to attempt - but the hardest to scrapper.


Epyx doubtless lead the parcel with the Games playoff - no-one has yet managed to get end to producing a creation of such soprano wellborn - with the notable omission of Anco's fantabulous Winter Events and Summer Events for the C16. Much level imitations are indeed becoming and a burlesque of the Epyx style is also in the gossip from Gremlin Graphics in the become of Disjunctive Olympiad (added info elsewhere in this publicize).

Calif. Games is easily as astonishing as its forerunners, with the six events providing plenty of pay cognition and long-term diversion. The instructions are up to Epyx's regular eminent standards - instructive and they allow a few laboursaving performing tips. Supplementary to this is a father's direct to American slang, explaining the use of much stylish word as 'man', 'atom' and 'tubular'.

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